The Most Worthy of News

In an unusual feat of advanced preparation, I took my time getting ready for work this morning and found a few spare moments to throw an episode of The Office and put on my makeup.

Bonus points if you know which episode I watched!

By about 11:45 a.m., my efforts at facial beautification had been spoiled.

Crying. In my car. Mascara smears. Listening to NPR.

Of course, my father’s voice (often the voice of my most self-defeating natures, sadly enough), began to rain on my parade.

I mean, last night he uttered the phrase “Lord Obama.” At the dinner table. There are plenty of Americans who don’t want me to be happy about today. I get it. I don’t remember anything about Bush’s inauguration day because it didn’t register as something worth my time. I get it, I really do.

But there’s a lot to be excited about.

  • This is my first inauguration where the person I voted for actually WON (save for the 04 congress seats)
  • This is the end of eight long years of Bush. Any change would be noteworthy.
  • This is the end of eight long years of Republican Reign. Enough to bring this Democrat to tears.
  • This is our first African-American President (not including the half dozen who have purported African-American roots lol)
  • This is also the first inauguration since I took a course on the Civil Rights Movement.
  • This is the first inauguration in twelve years where it was wrapped up neatly in a bow – the people spoke decisively.

Excitement does not equal worship, okay Daddy Dearest?

In other, far less epic news – I have been tagged! By Kiddlebug, owner of a delicious etsy shop… one of those places that makes me yearn for small children of my own to dress up. You know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I love being tagged for silly little memes. Because mostly, I am a silly little girl. So if you are ever hunting for someone to tag, Tag Me! I’ll be delighted. That being said, I don’t like tagging other people much. I feel like I’m imposing. So feel free to repost this meme on your own – You Are All Tagged! Or just leave me a comment and say, HEY I LOVE BEING TAGGED, and I will henceforth Tag You For All Things.

7 Random Facts About Miss Shortskirt

1. My car is constantly a wreck. We’re talking soda cans, spills, wrappers etc. It’s sick. I try my bestest to keep old food out, but especially during the October-April months, it’s hard to find motivation to brave the cold and clean her out.

2. I am a mostly indiscriminate movie watcher. I will enjoy (almost) everything.

3. That being said, I own copies of both Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants movies, A Cinderella Story, License to Wed, and New York Minute. And I saw The Happening twice.

4. In high school, I was in Fame, The Wizard of Oz, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, The Music Man and Li’l Abner. I played a Music Student, a Singing Flower, Gad’s Wife, Ethel Toffelmeier and a Wife. Obviously destined for stardom.

5. I took eight years of piano lessons, with four different instructors.

6. I took three years of vocal lessons, with two different instructors.

7. I have only had two lesson teachers that didn’t make me cry at some point. Obviously cut out for a career in the unforgiving field of music.


5 Comments to “The Most Worthy of News”

  1. I do believe that is the episode Dwight agrees to show Ryan how to sell effectively, and instead performs all sorts of hazing rituals.

  2. Grrr to your Dad.. that’s not nice. You’re excited, I bawled my eyes out too – he’s just being silly.

    I played an apple tree in Wizard of Oz!

    • Oh, tell me you got to wear a kickass tree costume! I was lucky enough to be buttoned into a flower headdress every night. It was amazing.

      P.S. Your blog is so pretty!

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