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January 18, 2009

Resolutions Revisited

It is January 18th, almost three weeks into 2009.

The Year of My Fabulous Writing Career.

I’ve been thinking about exactly what that entails for me, my New Year’s Resolutions. I’m loving my New Year’s To-Do List because it’s easy to see what I’ve been doing to work toward my goals.

My new planner is turning into a doodly art journal of sorts, which could be a great solution for This Girl who occasionally lacks creative energy – #2

Oscar Noms aren’t out yet, but I’m working on the EW long-list: Dark Knight, Benjamin Button, and Frost/Nixon down, and The Visitor in my DVD player – #4

I set my alarm for 7:20 a.m. every weekday this week. And while I don’t think I got up at 7:20 any of those days, it’s getting a little easier to hear that alarm go off – #5

In my room, I have a bag of batting, yards and yards and yards of fabric, and a piece of flannel so large you could mummify yourself with it. I have a pattern. The fabric is washed, but not yet ironed – #6

I just finished my 6th book of 2009 – #7

3 young adult, 1 adult historical nonfiction, 1 adult graphic novel, and 1 juvenile fiction – #8

And even though my checking account is smaller than my credit card bill, I’m still socking away 70 dollars ever paycheck – #10

But I’m not writing.

I’m not planning any writing (unless ordering MelCat books on obscure topics that I’ll probably never read and just end up sending back overdue counts), not revising, not scheming…

It feels like I’m already failing.


What I have done:

1) Studied an entire book (a feat for me)

2) Thought of a good way to store/utilize said study material

3) Brainstormed a new project, including some written plot musings

4) Written my three, handwritten morning pages each day this week (except for Friday because I was doing manual labor at work and, apparently, getting sick)

5) Revisited Book #2, and decided a revision/rewrite is in order.

What I haven’t done:

1) Written anything

I’m kind of okay with this, but kind of not. As in, on a day to day basis, I’m satisfied with my life and what I’ve been spending my time on. It’s only when I look back at this goal and when I read that I get the urges and then begin to kick myself for not having a writing project on the burner…

The remedy? A plan.

Two weeks of January were for getting up to speed, easing back into the Writing State of Mind, thinking, ruminating, and getting to feeling good about it.

Third week of January will be the physical readiness for writing. The printing of appropriate drafts. The assembling of notebooks, plans, and organizing of ideas. The cleaning of the writing space.

Fourth week of January is for The Reading of The Draft, The Crafting of the Outline, The Gearing Up.

And February? We Revise.