A Great Day!

Thursday! What a great day!

For Sister Three and Sister Four, it’s a Snow Day! (Well, a cold day. -20 windchill day)

I woke up feeling cold-coldy-cold, my feet hanging off the edge of my bed because I built a wall of pillows against the window…

but it was a Not Too Awful To Wake Up Day!

And then I looked at the date and realized it was JEANS DAY!

Purple shirt and jeans day!

Transcript from earlier this A.M.:

Me: Psst. Caroline. Wake up.

Caroline: [growls from under covers]

Me: Where is that shirt of mine that is kind of blueish purple that you’ve been wearing all week?

Caroline: [throws back covers]

Me: Oh. You’re sleeping in it.

Caroline: [waves me away so she can get naked in peace]

Jeans day also means Don’t-Have-To-Worry-About-Snow-In-My-Shoes-Cause-I’m-Wearing-My-Boots Day!


And today, I got to see the Summer Reading T-Shirts. Very stylish.

It was also a Day of a Free Starbucks Caramel Macchiato On The Way To Work, since Lance’s grammy gave me a giftcard for Christmas 😀

Annnnnd it will also be The Day I Finally Finish Listening to 1776 on audio, (Spoiler Alert: The Continental Army WINS) and move on to Revolutionary Road.


Oh what a great day.

How about you? What kind of day are you having?

This could very well  become The Day I Fall Asleep At My Desk At 3:30 Because My Caffeine High Can Only Last So Long day. But that is certainly something to worry about later.


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