Monday Monday

This just in:

applying for Grad School = (A Bitch)x 1.5.

My apologies for the mind = mush that’s going on because of said applications. I am doing things such as a) forgetting to call about things b) losing my phone c) wandering around my house aimlessly, trying to find things or remember things.

Said applications are currently paining my heart. And my pocketbook. And my fragile, anxious countenance.

I have to keep telling myself that it’s just one more step toward this:

And, what I’m lately finding more compelling, one step toward more of THIS in my life:

I’m trying not to blow a gasket over here. Keep it to the muddy minded distraction, away from the complete meltdowns. Nobody likes a meltdown.

Alrighty. Time to go find that phone.

P.S. I am digging this song here.

And no, I don’t care how dorky that makes me.

I consider it one of the big tragedies of my entire High School Career that Jessica Kestner beat me out on Marian. I mean, she was far more talented than I, but come ON now.


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