i am so bitter

Good grief. It’s not even 2:00 and I don’t think this day could get any more… uh… disappointing.

I wanted to wake up early, but I didn’t set my alarm properly.

I wanted to go out early and do some W-R-I-T-I-N-G but because of said alarm clock issues, I didn’t have the time. Of course, I got dressed and even put on makeup (on a MONDAY, I know!) before I figured this out.

I decided, on a whim, and thanks to this addiiicccttive community, that I need a 2009 planner. NOW. Preferably Moleskine. Large. Jackson doesn’t have a Borders, but the Walden in the mall has a little rack. I hurry out the door without lunch to have stop by before my appointment. Aaaaaand they don’t have any. Pout.

So I go to the doctor. I’m a good 25 minutes early, which I take as a good thing, since the waits at the Voted #1 OB/GYN In The Tri-County Area can be lengthy… but I’m just settling in to the suspiciously empty waiting room when I find out that the doctor isn’t in. They mailed me a reschedule card (to the wrong address) but they can’t really explain why the receptionist didn’t mention this to me when I called on FRIDAY to confirm.


Ahhhh well. I decided to come to the coffee shop and get some W-R-I-T-I-N-G done instead. Which is a nice treat. Even if I’m not really writing in the traditional sense of the word (don’t worry, I’m still on the right track, promise). I am working on my January Playlist, which is A) an easy one and B) a FUN one, since I’m just going off the Top 100 WXPN Songs of 2008, and haven’t heard ANY of these songs before. I actually have only heard SIX out of ALL ONE HUNDRED.

6% with it, music-wise. Oy vey. Probably because I spent all last year listening to the Top 100 WXPN Songs of 2007.

I am doomed to be perpetually one year behind. In everything.

But this one is my favorite so far.

Anyway, here’s a quick shout out to my favey-fave coffee shop (in Jackson, anyway. Kaya Coffee & Tea Co. still holds my true loyalties…):

The Jackson Coffee Co.

Today, they made me a tasty mint mocha, complimented me on my choice of credit card design, and provided me with this free wireless internet, which blocked Limewire, but otherwise, made this lovely little excursion possible.

Also, I admire their choice of orange and black for their logo. I mean, I’m a Jackson High grad. They are the ugliest school colors of time…. but quite opitmal for creating a strange sense of pride and nostalgia when you encounter the halloween combo post graduation.

And I’m going to have to leave now. I have to go get my blood taken, my iron tested (maybe I can start taking my vitamins again soon!?!??), and also I am starting to feel like a crazy lady, wearing these silly headphones and posing for my little iCam… I should leave before anyone has the chance to permanently imprint my face, labelling it as The Face of A Crazy To-Be-Avoided-Blogger-Lady.

Hasta la vista!


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