Tid Bits

I. A Very Fine Day

Did I tell you how I spent my New Year’s Day? Oh, I didn’t? Well, wonder no longer. I’ll tell you that I woke up and played The Sims 2 while Lance slept at the computer-side bed. I woke him up and made him a quick lunch – sandy, apple and cheese stick.Then, we returned 24 dollars worth of cans at the grocery! We sped over to the theater for a matinee showing of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a movie that made me a) think, b) cry, and c) want a cute little wrinkly baby. Oh, and I ate two tubs of popcorn, with the flavory sprinkles my sisters never let me get. Then there was dinner – chili with the sour cream and cheese. Mmmmm… Followed by at least three episodes of LOST, and then off to dreamland!

It was a lovely way to start the year.

II. Television

Folks, I have hit a dry spell.

I’m caught up with House. How I Met Your Mother is done, Mad Men first season whipped by, then a break for Season 4 of Weeds, and back to Mad Men to catch up…

but what’s next??

Advice, please.

III. Bonus Fun Stuff

Did you know that I keep track of the books I read each year? I even have a page right here that shows you what I’m reading RIGHT NOW, in REAL TIME! I just updated it. And if you ever have read one of my “To Read” books and want to tell me how great/awful it was, please do! I change my mind about those every day, so input is appreciated.

Also, I have an Obsessions page where I just post little things that take up bigger portions of my life than they should. I just updated that one too!

2 Comments to “Tid Bits”

  1. I love LOST and might be a little too excited about it’s return.

    TV shows to watch? If you’re looking for something to make you laugh, you have to watch Psych. Two seasons on DVD and the second half of the third season starts on Friday. It’s easily one of my all time favorite shows.

    Hope you had a very happy new year!

  2. I would totally be on the LOST train, but I got way behind (like, 2 seasons) and now I’ve tricked my unwitting boyfriend into rewatching the whole series… so if I did a marathon without him around, that means I’d have to watch them all AGAIN again… oy.

    But Psych? Yes, Psych looks good. Thanks 🙂

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