A New Year

New Year’s Resolutions…

I’m notorious for giving myself far too many resolutions, so many that I would literally have to become a new person on the morning of January 1st. (P.S. Who decided that New Year’s Eve should be a stay up late+embibe in alcohol+day off of work the next day kind of night? I mean, how is anyone supposed to get up and do anything on January 1st?) I’ve had some good resolutions, but other years have flopped… and every single year I have to talk myself off the edge so I don’t give myself 20 NYRs and therefore fail at all 20.

But I can’t stop thinking about the multitude of different directions my life will take me. NYRs are just another way to shape your own path, right?

After much deliberation, I have boiled my wishes for the new year as such:

2009 To-Do List

these are things that i want to do this year

that aren’t life-0r-death

that don’t require tooooo much effort

but that i would like to get out of the way

or just do for fun

1. Donate blood

2. Start an art journal

3. Go vegetarian for a month

4. Watch the Best Picture Nominees before the Oscars

5. Become an earlier riser

6. Sew a quilt

7. Read 103 books

8. Read more widely

9. Learn how to use my camera

10. Break 3G’s in the old savings account

2009 Hope, Dreams, and Wishes

these are the things

i hope will happen this year

that i may or may not have much to do with

whether or not they come true,

and i may not even think about by march

but right now, they are what i hope 2009 will bring me

I hope that 2009 will be…

…the year I move out of my parents house for good

…the year I lose those few annoying pounds

…the year I make some new friends

…the year I solve all my health related problems

…the year I sell my car

…the year I manage my money

…the year I get a second job

…the year I eat only the healthiest, most delicious of foods

…the year I get engaged

…the year I listen to great music

…the year I decorate my brand new apartment

…the year I get super crafty

…the year I am content with myself

But besides all that, I find it effective to simply FOCUS on one goal. Like giving up fast food for the year (2006) or doing 180 minutes of cardio a week (2008). Years where I have too many goals (2007, 2005, many many other years), I get too confused. Which is why those first 10 choices are just-for-fun, don’t forget to do this! type things… but my real resolution?

2009 will be…

The Year of My Brilliant Writing Career

As in: writing every day, going all in, learning once and for all

if this dream is worth pursuing, if I can ever wrap my head around revision,

if I can write a query letter,

if I can write book after book after book without wanting to completely forget about writing.

This is the year that I decide.

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