Retrospective 2008

2008 has been quite the year for this girl. My first full year without college. My first full year at my (pseudo) Big Girl Job. Year #5 for The Boy and I, the Year I Was Supposed To Be Started Grad School But Didn’t.

Busy busy.

Taking a cue from the adorable Princess Lasertron and maybe channeling a little NieNie, here are my proudest moments of 2008:


I am proud that I set a reasonable New Year’s Resolution, started it right away, and it served the real purpose of an NYR, which is to modify my behavior permanently.

That resolution was: get the nationally recommended 180 minutes of cardiovascular exercise every week.

Sure, I haven’t probably met that goal in months, but the personal transformation has been remarkable. I no longer want to punch myself in the face rather than drag myself to the gym. I go. I do my 45 minutes. I go home. Like brushing my teeth.


I am proud that I finally ventured out beyond my Livejournal friends list and my Core Five bookmarks and ventured out into the Big Bad Blogosphere.


I am proud that I invited my friends over for a birthday party, and everyone had a pretty good time. Even Dorothy!


Also, my boyfriend played me Happy Birthday on his trumpet. At the party. I am proud to have that kind of a boyfriend.


I am proud that I really put my nose to the Revising Grindstone in the month of April!


I am extremely proud that I successfully planned and executed a road trip that took me, The Boy, and two of our friends from Michigan to Louisville to Atlanta to New Orleans to Galveston Island to San Antonio and back.

Extremely proud.


I am proud that I sucked up my “You’re Too Damn Old To Vacation With Your Parents” feelings and went to visit Gramps down in the old Myrtle Beach for like, the 10th time. Never gets old.



I am proud that I started watching House.

July wasn’t much of a month for me, okay?


I am proud that I survived my first Summer Reading Program.


I was ripped to shreds exhausted, but August brought time for Shelf Reading! And Book Weeding!

Even by library standards, I am dorky.

Also? I am proud that I challenged myself to finish reading every half-read book on my reading shelf, and actually succeeded, logging 11 books finished in 15 days.


I am proud that I started following politics and watching the news. Even if it literally kept me up some nights, it was a rollicking good election season if I do say so myself.

I am also proud that I made this shirt for my sister for her birthday, all by myself!


(I cribbed the excellent design from bambinamia, but Dorothy put the rest of the costume together on her own LOL)


I am proud that I got pretty good at riting my three morning pages this month. Maybe some day I’ll graduate to Step Two of the Artist’s Way…


I am proud that I wrote 37,000 words for NaNoWriMo, even if I didn’t win.

I am proud that I survived the GRE, too!


I am proud that I decorated a pretty sweatshirt for my sister (AGAIN channeling my inner Princess Lasertron… we just both love cupcakes so much it was hard to resist)

I am proud that I gave myself this here lovely vacation from work.

I am proud that I am going to JoAnne Fabric tomorrow, to pick out fabric for my first quilt.

I am proud that I have spent so much time with my friends and family, including but not limited to my mom, my daddy, Home-From-College Betsy, Caroline, Dorothy, The Boy, Frank Who Lives in DC But Just Happened to Be in MI, my cousins, my cousins’s two English bulldogs, Maggie and Blue, and soon, my dearest Frances, her fiance, and maybe my favorite godbaby.

Merry 2008, y’all. Tomorrow, we start it all over.


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