The kindly Erin, of Erin-Go-Blog has tagged me for this meme. Have I ever mentioned how much I love being tagged in memes? I really do. It makes my day. I will do stupid things, like taking awful pictures of myself, all in the name of a meme.

Just kidding, it’s not that awful.

Things to note:
~ boyfriend’s sweater
~ on the phone with boyfriend
~ how does one take a self portrait with one of these honking things?
~ inability to make myself smile
~ the delightful wallpaper in my foyer
I will now tag the following people based on my perception of their ability to take pictures quickly and post them:
Frank because I know you have a MacBook
Annie because you were a photography major
Lindsey because I think you have a MacBook too. But I don’t know why I think that. I have absolutely no evidence
Laura because you always post so many cute pictures!
Caroline because you are sitting right next to me and I know as soon as I give you my computer you will take a picture of yourself, like a reflex.
edit: oh WAIT THE RULES!
hhaahahaha oh Frank what WOULD i do without you

The rules are: take a picture of yourself, as soon as humanly possible after reading this. Post it on your blog of choice. Do not do your make-up or crank up the contrast to cover up your pimples. Do not pass go. This message will self destruct!


2 Comments to “tagged!”

  1. Boyfriend’s sweater…..noted
    Appreciation for Neil Gaiman….noted

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