happy thursday!

20 Things I Am Happy About Today
inspired by the always inspiring blog of  Lisa Schroeder, author of tasty novels-in-verse for teens, and who somehow got me on her email list and sent me the nicest, most tasteful “advertisment” for her new book Far From You, which is available on December 23rd!
ONE: Roads were great this morning, despite weather reports that threatened otherwise.

THREE: Finally kicking this cold/flu sickness that had me beat for an entire week!

FOUR: Picking out excellent Christmas gifts for all my favorite people.

FIVE: Finally finishing this audiobook that I’ve been working on FOR-EVER! (It was good, but I have a 10 disc attention span for books on CD, I think. Plus I lost half the discs for a few weeks right in the middle of it! Ack!)

SIX:Caroline finding our lost Sims 2 CD so we can finally get back to playing!
SEVEN: Going to Dorothy’s band concert tonight at the Middle School.

EIGHT: The cutest homemade Advent calendar ever!

courtesy of inchmark, a stylish blog kept by a former Martha Stewart art director, natch.
NINE: Daydreams where I am a stylish, crafty Mom who spends her days writing and hand-crafting stylish Advent calendars for her children to enjoy.

ELEVEN: This newsreader. I’d rather read my blogs in their natural habitat, thanks!

TWELVE: My two weekend choices – visit my favorite boy-person, or stay home and help my mom decorate for Christmas…

THIRTEEN: Etsy. Always a joy.

FOURTEEN: Getting a personal email from the guy on the right, just for BARELY mentioning his book on this here livejournal.

Awww. How nice.
FIFTEEN: All the great giveaways that are popping up all over the interwebs. I got seriously excited about this one this morning!

SIXTEEN: Finally pinpointing the whole What’s Wrong With Me dilemma I’ve been struggling with for the last year. Hint: it’s not allergies. It’s not migraines. It’s not any of my medications. It’s a personal defect, but it’s not a NEW personal defect… just a new symptom of my defect.

SEVENTEEN: Romancey Photos!

EIGHTEEN: Despite admitting NaNoWriMo defeat, I’m feeling quite FULL OF STORIES lately, and ready to think about about some more!
NINETEEN: Thinking about how I’m going to do my Annual Book Round-Up this month… hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..

TWENTY: My lovely friends. My darling family. Everybody who takes time out of their day to put something on the internet to entertain/inspire/tickle me. My top-notch boyfriend. My as-of-yet charmed life.

And that’s what I’m happy about today.

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